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︎Mickey Nox

The brains behind heavy hitting techno label - Green Fetish Records, Mickey Nox is pushing the local techno scene into new boundaries and beyond.

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The Virus T-shirt

Triple screened vivid white on high quality black AS staple tee. 100% Australian Designed and Made. 

Kubik Returns
2019 Melbourne
Music Week


Fucking Stable

Regular, mid-length
Mid weight
82% cotton, 15% nylon,
3% elastane
Cotton-rich blend, ribbed knit,
stretch opening, circulation friendly

Est. 2002 — Present
Over the past 13 years Stable Music Co. has brought some of the most forward thinking direction in sound, design and installations to our shores. From the Red Bull Music Academy, Kubik Melbourne and Where?House to over 10 years of club events and working with major festivals. What began as a group of like-minded music producers has evolved into a production house, sound studio, record label, artist agency and so much more. 
For Stable there is neither inside or outside the box, music is music and it's as simple as that. Open source and genre free are our biggest assets and we always strive to explore new experiences whenever possible.